If you are concerned about car LED headlights, do you know how to distinguish this dazzling array of lights?

Publish Time: 2022-03-10

If you are concerned about car LED headlights, do you know how to distinguish this dazzling array of lights?

With the increasing use of cars, the protection of traffic safety is also imminent. In addition to improving safety awareness and driving cautiously, the performance of the car itself cannot be ignored.

As a part of the car’s safety system, the importance of car lights is often overlooked by car owners. However, as everyone’s safety awareness increases, more and more car owners are aware of the importance of car lights and the necessity of upgrading. As a new trend in the development of car lights, the improvement of its product performance and the maturity of technology have accelerated the choice and development of the car light market.

1.Packaging technology

Packaging technology: Most of the COB flip-chip technology is adopted. The application of COB to traditional LED lights has significant advantages, but its application to automotive LED lights has obvious limitations and defects, and there are also potential safety hazards in long-term use. As a new generation technology, csp flip-chip technology is currently the best choice for automotive LED headlight chip packaging. Break through many previous technical limitations. Therefore, packaging technology is also a big option when choosing automotive LED headlights.

2.Selection of Lamp bead

At present, mainstream brands are nothing more than foreign brands represented by Cree, Prius, Philips, and Osram, and domestic brands represented by Sanan, ETI, and Huaxin Lihua. However, with the development and breakthrough of domestic chip technology, the quality and performance have become closer to foreign brands. But when choosing a car's LED headlights, you still have to pay attention to the chip. Manufacturers should not be fooled by using words such as "international original import", and they should also be wary of using foreign chip brands to deceive.

3.the method of cooling

Heat dissipation is an unsolved problem for automotive LED lights for a long time. However, with the development of current chip manufacturing and packaging technology and structural materials, the heat dissipation problem has been continuously optimized and improved. At present, the two heat dissipation methods of copper braid and fan are mainly used in the market. The copper braid adopts a physical passive cooling method, while the fan adopts an active cooling method. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, after a large number of product performance tests, it is more inclined to active fan cooling. However, the current types of fans range from low to high quality: oil-containing fans, hydraulic fans, and double-roller fans. Therefore, the type of fan when choosing is also an issue that should not be underestimated. After all, heat dissipation is a major factor affecting the performance and life of automotive LED headlights.

4.Optical performance design

Optical performance involves nothing more than: color temperature, color rendering index, luminous flux, and wavelength. The design of these indexes may be different from different manufacturers. But one thing is: the higher the color temperature, the lower the color rendering index; the higher the color rendering index, the lower the luminous flux. Therefore, a balance needs to be achieved in terms of design and practicality to ensure the best performance of LED lights. There is also the light type. Only when it reaches sufficient brightness can a satisfactory light type be adjusted.

5.Drive performance

In fact, among the many accessories of automotive LED lights, the driver is relatively easy to overlook. At present, the drive unit specially designed by manufacturers for automotive LED headlights has an IC intelligent overheat protection function. In abnormal conditions such as excessive temperature, it will automatically adjust the fan speed and reduce the power of the LED lights to protect the LED lights from dead lights. Does not affect normal driving. Protect LED life

6.Safety and stability

Safety and stability are the top priority of all considerations. All of the above processes and designs are to ensure the safety and stability of automotive LED headlights. Therefore, when choosing automotive LED headlights, you should not only consider a certain aspect. Performance (such as bright enough brightness), you can't just covet low prices. It is important to choose a supplier with technical strength and a sense of responsibility. Again, safety should not be sloppy.