Install Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) On Our Cars

Publish Time: 2022-04-16

The short answer to why you need daytime running lights (DRL) is to let others see you! This may sound strange considering that we are talking about lights that operate during the day. However, studies have shown that motor vehicle crashes have decreased with the introduction of relatively new DRL. DRLs are installed in pairs in the front area of the vehicle emitting yellow, amber or white light.

DRL uses less energy than headlights to improve visibility

The solution to daytime visibility used to be to turn on headlights. Car manufacturers have recently added DRL to new models, which are designed to turn on automatically when you start the engine. DRL consumes less energy to provide enough light to meet the safety requirements of daytime driving. The advanced LED DRL has a service life of 15000 hours or more, which means less bulb replacement.

The biggest advantage of DRL

In addition to making it easier for other drivers to see you, other people riding bicycles or walking on the road are more likely to see you when using DRL. The reaction time increases, which may be a key factor in avoiding collision. Some countries believe that the use of DRL is essential for road safety.

DRL adds a unique beauty to the style of any vehicle

In addition to functions, led DRL can also enhance the fashion and beauty of your car. There are many forms of light that you can choose from today. The DRL kit can be used on vehicles that were not originally built with this feature.

For your safety, advanced DRL is automated

In some cases, the extra brightness of the DRL may mask what you see or how others view your vehicle. The advanced DRL is designed to turn off automatically when the headlights are on. Some car manufacturers mix the DRL with side or front position lamps to trigger the DRL to simply dim when the headlights are on. The DRL attached to the indicator light is usually designed to turn off when the signal light is used to avoid signal ambiguity.

Can I install my own DRL?

It is not recommended that inexperienced people perform DRL installation through DIY video. This process is more complicated than installing headlights. Experienced mechanics or electricians can ensure the correct installation of DRL and verify the compatibility with the electrical system of specific vehicle models.

Should I worry about fuel consumption?

Although using DRL will increase your fuel consumption, using LED lighting will keep these costs low. LED lamps consume only a small part of the power required by standard headlights. Led DRL is the first choice for car rental services and other countries where DRL is required by law.

The bottom line used by DRL

When you use DRL instead of headlights during the day, the fuel consumption will be balanced. The headlamp consumes about 110 watts of power, while the LED DRL consumes only about 10 watts. Considering the modern road where we share space with more and more people every day, led DRL can have a great impact on everyone's safety, save us money and provide an intelligent and fashionable appearance for our cars.