LED Car Headlight You Must Know the Knowledge

Publish Time: 2022-02-07

1.save energy and reduce cost: LED lamp has high luminous efficiency, nearly two times of fluorescent lamp. If we use our daily energy-saving lamps for example, energy-saving lamps than incandescent energy saving 4/5, and LED than energy-saving lamps also save energy 1/4. On the car lights, the same motorcycle / electric car lights, LED components of the car lights energy consumption is only 1/20 of halogen lamps. The cost of LED components has been greatly reduced year by year, and the cost and price are still decreasing by more than 20% annually. Therefore, LED is moving towards the popular price, now both motorcycles and cars have launched a series of LED lights.

2.high efficiency and durable: LED automobile headlamps, LED motorcycle headlamps, LED electric car headlamp components simple structure, shock resistance, seismic resistance is very good, not easy to break, can be well adapted to various environments.

3.the LED element has the advantages of small volume, compact and convenient arrangement design: This is a great advantage of LED, this advantage is fully catered to the automobile, motorcycle and electric vehicle manufacturers in the design of the evolution of demand, to break the ties to the past to form innovative lighting system, let us have a LED vehicle application products more creative.

4.fast response speed: LED lights lit only microsecondlevel, used in headlamps, xenon lamp and halogen lamp has compared the response speed higher, with better protection for traffic safety, the application in the taillights and turn light can quickly achieve better warning effect on the light.

5.long life: currently used in the use of lighting LED components can basically reach 30000 hours level, and well-known automotive lighting supplier has been able to provide 100000 hours of life LED components, converted, equivalent to 11 years...... In view of the frequency of lighting, basically, in the design life of the whole vehicle, LED components need not be replaced. In contrast, xenon lamp life is only about 3000 hours.