What is the automotive led work light

Publish Time: 2022-05-20

LED is the abbreviation of Light Emitting Diode, they often appear today in the role of light boxes, signs, and various electrical indicators and backlights, but also often an important component of car tail lights, high mounted brake lights, daytime running lights. Automotive led work light is composed of LED lights which are mainly used for illumination and signaling purposes. The light emitted by the lamp can illuminate the road situation in front of the car, so that the driver can drive safely in the dark. So do you know What is the Automotive led work light?

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•Batteries for automotive LED work lights

•Automotive led work light driver technology

•Automotive led work light driver technology

What is an automotive led work light?

Automotive led work light is a special diode, a semiconductor device that forms a PN junction by doping and other means. When the diode's conduction conditions are met, current flows through the Automotive led work light, releasing energy in the form of light and heat. LEDs are current-controlled, current-type components, whose luminous intensity is mainly based on the amount of current passing through, and the voltage drop is very high when the positive conduction is on, and itself has a certain fluctuation range. As Automotive led work light does not have infrared and ultraviolet radiation, the energy consumed is almost all thermal energy, except for the conversion to light energy, and can only be transmitted in the form of heat conduction, therefore, Automotive led work light in the work, the junction temperature will gradually increase.

Batteries for automotive LED work lights

Rechargeable automotive led work light can be driven by resistor current limiting, linear regulators, and switching converters. The linear regulator is suitable for low current or LED forward voltage drop slightly below the supply voltage, but also has the problem of efficiency and small input voltage range; the switching converter has a flexible circuit topology, high efficiency, and wide input voltage characteristics. Therefore, after considering the efficiency, installation size, quiescent current, operating voltage, noise and output regulation, and other factors, the drive circuit mostly uses the switching converter. Switching converter topologies are divided into Buck, Boost, and Buck-Boos. At present, automotive led work cordless light is used in automotive lighting, and the driving power source is inevitably a lead-acid battery.

Automotive led work light driver technology

Due to the complexity of Automotive led work lightdriver technology, it is not yet widely available in the automotive market. In the future, as the price of Automotive led work light decreases, the lamp modules will gradually use high brightness LEDs as light sources. As the automotive industry continues to develop, Automotive led work light will be widely used in the automotive market in the coming years. On the whole, the LED of automotive lights is a major trend in the development of automotive lights and will be a leap forward in the history of automotive lighting systems.

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