Six steps to install H4 LED bulbs

  Step 1: Unplug your stock incandescent headlight bulbs from their harnesses and remove them from your headlight housings. You may now do a preliminary test on your H4 LED headlight bulbs to ensure their optimal operation. Step ...
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HID Bulbs of Bulb Cross Reference Guide

D2S/D2R/D2C are almost the same.D4S/D4R/D4C are almost the same.D2 and D4 use the same base, but they are not cross compatible."S" bulbs are used in shielded (i.e. projector) housings (not mirror housings).D2S type HID bulbThe ...
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Why and how to choose a curved automotive led light bar?

Curved automotive led light bars directly use multiple diodes to form the light, so there will be no delay in the lighting of the car lights. And the light emitted by the curved automotive led light bar is intense. Small size and ...
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How to choose car LED headlight bulbs?

Types of LED lightsThere are two main types of LED headlights: lens type and in-line lamp holder;The effect of the lens is better, the light is evenly paved, the illumination range is larger, and the light and dark tangents are more ...
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How to Eliminate CANBUS Errors When Installing LED Lights in a Car?

CANBUS is a technical standard, which was born in the early 2000s. Now almost all cars are in use. It has many functions and can completely and automatically detect any burned bulb. On CANbus, when the bulbs burn out, the car itself will ...
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Car headlight bulbs explained

Car headlight bulbs explained We explain  the  different types of car headlight bulbs now on offer, from LEDs to xenon bulbs,  and their benefits to help you chooseAlthough a growing number of new cars are now sold with LED ...
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RC40 Upgraded USA Bridgelux Chips Led Headlight Bulb

RC40 LED bulb is an excellent choice if you want to upgrade your headlights, with powerful technology, a long life cycle and perfect replacement for HID Halogen Lights. Many sizes of RC40 Led headlight kits are available, such as H1, H7, ...
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Double Intelligent IC P41 Led Headlight Replacement

Popnow is a company that offers high quality Led headlight conversion kit for many models of cars and vehicles. Specially,P41 Led bulb is 12V-80V wide voltage headlight, it can also be used in trucks. It has 200W 32000 lumens at source ...
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